August 22, 2017

Veterinary Clinical Research: Even Our Furry Friends Need Care

Healthy, Happy Pets


The goal of veterinary clinical research is to discover ways and means of keeping pets healthy. Even pets, like dogs, cats, hamsters, and ferrets get sick. These animals, and many others, can develop illnesses and diseases, like cancer. Clinical research teams work hard to find medical solutions which can benefit these unfortunate pets.


If a pet owner discovers that his beloved pet has cancer, he may be interested in allowing a veterinary clinical research team to try and aid his animal. Cancer is a terrible, debilitating, and fatal disease for which there are no known cures. Knowing that the animal has an almost certain death sentence, the owner may turn to a veterinary clinical research facility for help, and to pursue hope for a cure.


While participating in research, the pet may receive chemotherapy, radiation, and even nausea and vomiting medications, just like their human companions. The animal will be monitored very closely, with all procedures, medications, side-effects, and positive outcomes recorded. The owner is also a vital part of the research because he sees the animal when the team does not.


Not Like the Movies


Veterinary clinical research is not what you may have witnessed on the silver screen. While there are labs which do perform animal testing, veterinary clinical research is not one of those. Clinical research is conducted in hopes of discovering new treatments, possible cures, and also has the potential to affect humans in a positive manner.


Some people may recall movies, like the 90s thriller, Man’s Best Friend, which depicted grotesque, unspeakable animal testing being conducted. While entertaining, the movie caused a lot of folks to believe that that was how things “went down” with veterinary clinical research; which just isn’t true.


Leave the movies on the television and do a little searching to get the best information. With the internet being a cornucopia of learning materials, you are sure to find a ton of helpful information. You can also locate places of veterinary clinical research for more information.


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