August 18, 2017

Visions Clinical Research: What’s It About?

Grasping Clinical Research


First, knowing a little bit about clinical research will aid you in discovering more aspects to it. Clinical research is similar to a science project. Maybe you participated in a few science fairs during your school years. If so, you already have a little grasp on what clinical research is all about.


Clinical research is far more complex, risky, and detailed than a science project, but using the project as an example helps to bring about the general idea. It begins with an idea, a hypothesis, control, protocol, experimentation, charting, recording, and reporting. The big difference with clinical research is that there are usually human test subjects involved.


The human test subjects are simply volunteers that want to be a part of a medical study/project. Perhaps, a pharmaceutical company has developed a new drug and they have come to the testing phase and they need to know how the drug works on a real person. The volunteer will be screened and will be informed of all of the aspects involved in the research, then, a waiver will be signed.


After signing the waiver, the human test subject begins the process of participating in the study/trial/project that the clinical research organization has proposed. The clinical research team will follow a rigorous schedule of testing, evaluations, questions, charting, graphing, and reporting of findings. Once the findings are presented, any problems with the new drug, for example, will be “tweaked” to make more suitable results before being released for use by the greater population.


Moving Onto Visions


Visions Clinical Research, or VCR, is an independent, state-of-the-art clinical research facility. This facility is found in the beautiful area known as Boynton Beach, Florida. Visions Clinical Research is managed by physicians, all of whom are Board Certified. The organization strives to provide the population with the best in medical standards when it comes to testing and research.


Visions Clinical Research began in 1997. The organization also has the cooperation of over ten community physicians, private practices, which are a part of the research team. Whether running clinical trials for drugs, vaccines, or a new medical technological device, Visions Clinical Research takes all steps necessary to ensure quality trials.


Board certified physicians within the Visions Clinical Research team include family practices, women’s health, pain management, dermatology, pediatrics, urology, and more. If you are interested in participation of a clinical trial/project, you will need to gather as much information as possible before making a commitment. You should also do more in-depth research regarding Visions Clinical Research.


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