August 22, 2017

Washington State CNA License: Everything That You Might Want To Know

A CNA or certified nursing assistant is a basic entry level healthcare worker in a healthcare facility. As a certified nursing assistant, you are required to perform simple tasks like helping a patient or client get up from the bed, helping a client or patient use the toilet, aiding the patient in walking around in the nursing home or room, and also knowing how to use medical equipments during emergencies.

The state of Washington has its own specific guidelines laid for students who want to become a certified nursing assistant. In Washington certified nursing assistants are also called as a nurse assistant. You will be required to complete a CNA certification training program from a state approved institute and clear a CNA certification exam. The Department of Health in the state of Washington is responsible for certifying you and providing you with a CNA license.

Without a CNA license you cannot practice in the state of Washington or in any other state for that matter. You must also maintain your CNA license by doing yearly CNA renewals, without which you’re CNA license, might get expired and you won’t be able to work or get employment in any healthcare facility.

So, here is how you can get your Washington state CNA license.

CNA application: Your first step in becoming a CNA in Washington is to get an application form, which will cost you $30 from the Washington state department of health. To pass the requirements you will need to have excellent physical and mental health along with a clean criminal background.

CNA testing: According to the Washington department of heath, a certified nursing assistant will need to complete a minimum of 85 training hours of both classroom and clinical training. Once you complete your CNA training, you will have to appear for a CNA certification exam. The CNA certification exam consists of both theory and practical test.
The practical test would include you performing skills like helping a patient sit down, get up, walk, and other related activities. You will also have to demonstrate your medical handling equipment skills during medical emergencies. As a CNA you will have to make sure that you know how to take vital readings for the patients.

You will have to clear the CNA certification exam with excellent marks to get a CNA license. Your CNA test results will be notified by the Washington Department of Health to you. If you clear the exam, you will be given a CNA license number which will let you work in the state of Washington in a nursing home or hospital. You can also work privately.

Hope the above article was useful and of interest for you. Good luck with your Washington state CNA license.


  1. emery acvedo says:

    How long does it take to get ur cna test results back?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Usually, once you complete the competency exam, it should take from 2 weeks to a month for you to get the certificate. Once you complete the exam, I would recommend that you sit and relax till you get your certificate in hand

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