August 16, 2017

Weekend CNA Training

Today’s society is one of complex lifestyles, busy schedules, and there never seems to be time to do anything if you want to jumpstart a new career. You have to work to keep the bills paid. If you are interested in to going into a new health care career like Certified Nurses Training, you will be in luck as there is weekend CNA training.

Every state has programs, but the programs will differ as to hours and content and requirements because each state is governed by their own state agencies for certified nursing assistants. You will need to research the best weekend training that fits your particular need. You will find numerous options. There is a hugely diverse range of nursing facilities or institutions of education and hospitals. Spend time to find what is the best for you.

In California, weekend CNA training goes over 7 weekends to meet the 150-hour state approved program. Students are given excellent training, as classes are kept small. Check the requirements first as you will need to undergo a criminal background check and physical exam.

weekend cna training

Weekend CNA training in Indiana you will need to have a basic physical, and two total TB skins tests three weeks from the first one. A program could consist of 4 Saturday and Sunday classroom days and three weekends of clinical training. You then can turn in your clinical paperwork, take our exam on a weekend or through the week, and the State will mail your license.

A training facility in Georgia offers classes on Saturday’s for 10 weekends. Prior to your start day for classes, you will be interviewed and undergo a background check. Keep in mind that your training for CNA will depend on your location in the United States.

Having the flexibility to take your CNA training on the weekends will be a plus for you. You can continue your program while finishing up your old job and then time the exam and give your notice. Health careers are in demand and your CNA training will be the first step in an exciting profession where you will be able to use your skills and compassion to help others.


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