September 23, 2017

What are some questions on a CNA test: A Guide Towards Passing The Exam

To be considered and recognized as a certified nurse assistant, you should be able to pass the CNA exam. Passing this exam would offer you a formal certification of being a CNA. This would establish your legitimate qualification as a certified nurse assistant, which will be an advantage in employment competition. This exam would assess your skills and knowledge regarding the concepts, practices, and techniques necessary as nursing assistance personnel.

Preparation is the key to pass this examination. No matter how many difficult questions appear in the exam, if you diligently prepare for the exam, you will surely know the answers to these questions. Reviewing the concepts and techniques that you learned throughout the trainings will considerably boost your chances of choosing the right answers, and consequently passing the exam. More than carefully studying your previous notes and practical application experiences, knowing more about the possible exam questions would be important. So you might be asking, what are some questions on a CNA test? Having an idea on the possible questions will really help you in passing the exam.

Most part of the exam is written examination composed of multiple-choice questions. Sample questions are:

1. What is the right measure of urinary output?
2. Frequently turning and positioning a patient will help avoid what?
3. What is the best method to prevent the spread of infection?
4. What do you call the type of exercises that move each muscle and joint?
5. Heimlich maneuver is used during situations like what?
6. How do you avoid pulling the catheter during turning a male client?
7. When is the “Fowler’s position” appropriate?
8. What do you call the devices that function to replace a missing body part?
9. How do you assist in walking a client who is recovering from a stroke?
10. What is the use for padding side rails on the client’s bed?

Your inquiries about what are some questions on a CNA test may be answered by this guide. Take note about the range of possible questions and probably you will now be prepared for the exam.

Lastly, do not forget that studying your previous lessons is still very important and essential to your chance of passing the exam. Inquiring on what are some questions on a CNA test will just serve as a support for your preparations.

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