August 22, 2017

What Are The Certified Nursing Assistant Requirements?

Congratulations! You are one of the caring individuals who want a career in nursing. What are the Certified Nursing Assistant requirements? Before we go into that, your career path is an entry-level position that you can build on and be part of a medical team dedicated to the recovery and restoration of people to the best health status they can be. That says a lot about you. So how do you get there?

First, each state has its own certification requirements so you will want to check with the State licensing board. Next, locate a CNA training program. There are many across the country and you may even be able to locate free training. Many nursing homes or assisted living facilities offer free training and then you can for the most part, be assured you will have a job when you complete your training and certification. The training program must be approved by the State so again, check before you sign up. This includes a distance learning training program.

Some states do not require a high school diploma. Some do. So check with your State for all three of these Certified Nursing Assistant requirements. Get all our ducks in a row and then start training! The CNA training programs are for the most part, taught by Registered Nurses. The courses have various lengths of training time and they will offer night and weekend classes so you can work while you study for your new career path.

CNA duties can be demanding both mentally and physically. You will be the front line for patient care and this will involve moving or transferring a patient so you want to be in decent physical condition as the work is demanding and there are many opportunities for overtime. On an average, you can plan for I weeks of part time training and then maybe 3 weeks of full time clinical hours in a hospital or other facility to learn your hands on skills.

Upon completion of your training, you will take your State CNA competency examination. This is where your see the light at the end of the tunnel with Certified Nursing Assistant requirements. After you complete and pass our exam, you will be placed in the central nurse registry and then you can move to employment. Some states require a background check.


  1. Thomas Elrod says:

    Can i get a job before i complete my cna course?

  2. Donald Womack says:

    Where can i take my cna exam?

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