August 23, 2017

What Are The Job Duties of a Hospital CNA?

Job duties of a hospital CNA can vary from hospital to hospital. There is no defined definition for what the CNA will be doing, but they are the first in line to give patient care so the need to have certified and dedicated CNA’s are paramount in a hospital setting. You will be working under a Registered Nurse or a Certified Medical Nurse.

The job usually is forty hours with opportunity to work overtime in a hospital. The census, which is dictated by time of year and current series of population illness as in the winter flu season, will also fluctuate. CNA’s work rotating weekends and holidays. That may not sound attractive but you knew that when you took your training. Health care is a seven-day a week job. The demands for staff can be high and if not met, the hospital may offer bonuses for extra time worked besides the wage. Double shifts are not uncommon.

Included in the job duties of a hospital CNA will be some lifting of patients if needed to position them properly or move to prevent the occurrence of bedsores. This means it can be physically demanding. At times, it won’t be pleasant if a patient has an incontinence problem including urine or bowel issues. Wound changes may be needed and some may be complex depending on the case.

hospital cna

Because hospital care is transient, sometimes you won’t get to know your patients for very long before they leave. Longer stays you may get emotionally involved and if the case turns for the worse, the death of one of your patients can be very traumatic.

Rotating throughout different departments of the hospital is included in job duties of a hospital CAN. This gives your assignments variety. If you love babies, you will enjoy your time in the labor and delivery unit. You may be sent to the surgical unit to assist in the recovery areas. But then don’t forget, a lot of your job will be giving direct patient care as in bathing, helping with rehabilitation in the patient room, or be assigned to assist with the enormous amounts of record keeping that is required today.

Hospital employment will be challenging and varied. You will be too busy to get a down day of boredom. Thanks for being part of the health care team. CNA’s are needed!

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