August 18, 2017

What Is A Clinical Research Certification Program?

Finding Information


If you have been looking into clinical research training, or a clinical research certification program, you are not alone. Many people, today, are interested in the growing medical industry whether it be in the field as a nurse or nursing assistant, and even as a clinical research team member. The world of medicine has so many new and exciting advancements on a frequently occurring basis.


If you watch television or surf the internet, chances are great that you are aware of all of the new technological advancements, but more importantly, the medicinal advancements. Frequently, pharmaceutical companies spend countless months, and even years, developing new medications. The medications are, for the most part, new ways to treat ailments, while some are established, and proven medications, with just a bit of “tweaking” with the aim of an improvement.


You can usually find information about medical advancements, and new drugs, by doing a little research of your own. By employing the power of the internet, the glamour of television, and just good, old-fashioned question asking at a doctor visit, you can learn so much. While your doctor probably won’t have any solid information to hand you regarding a clinical research certification program, he or she may have some good leads or tips.


Areas of Certification


Now that you have a little information in regards to clinical research, take a step into learning about becoming recognized as a certified professional. Currently, in the United States, there are two institutions which provide a clinical research certification program to professionals. It isn’t an easy process, and you must meet the requirements set forth by those institutions in order to gain professional recognition through means of certification.


First, there is a program called The Association of Clinical Research Professionals. This organization provides qualified individuals with the test necessary to gain entry into a clinical research certification program. The organization will have standard regulations and requirements that you must meet before taking the test.


Lastly, there is another organization which offers qualified individuals the testing needed to obtain recognition as a certified clinical researcher. This organization, known as, The Society of Clinical Research Associates. SoCRA offers testing services twice per year, in September and March, to individuals seeking interest in a clinical research certification program.


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