August 20, 2017

What Is A Clinical Research Study Coordinator?

Coordinating Individual


The clinical research study coordinator is generally responsible for the satisfactorily completed research, or trial. This individual must ensure that all practices are in accordance with law, method, and by company standards. It is a position of respect, importance, and great responsibility. The clinical research study coordinator must be “on top of his/her game at all times”.

Of Great Importance


Clinical research plays one of the biggest, and most important roles in the worlds of science and medicine. Without the trials which are conducted by clinical research teams, medicines would not proceed, new inventions and ideas would not move past the beginning phases, and all of mankind would revert into an age of insignificant advancements.


The clinical research study coordinator is the backbone of the research team. He or she must have the knowledge and skills necessary to lead others in trials. It is a heavy weight to bear, regardless of knowledge and skill, but the professional clinical research coordinator shows the ability to handle things in a professional manner.


Rule of Thumb


A clinical research coordinator has rules to follow, just as his or her team. Over all, the coordinator’s priority is always the human subjects. Of course scientific research and proof is of great importance, but the safety and well being of the subjects is undeniably the top priority. During the whole course of the trial, from planning to results, the clinical research study coordinator must ensure and respect the life of the human subject.


Another role, of the many roles a clinical research study coordinator must follow through with, is acting as liason. The clinical research coordinator must be the point of communication between the IRB and the human test subject ( patient ). Keeping all communication open throughout the trial process is key in achieving a smooth and successful trial.


How to Get Certified


To get certification as a clinical research coordinator, there are two organizations which offer their services. The first organization is called the Association of Clinical Research. They offer testing in March and September of each year. The second organization is the Society of Clinical Research Associates and they offer testing to become certified as a clinical research study coordinator.


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