August 22, 2017

What Is a CNA Certification Course?

Explaining a CNA Course


A CNA certification course is the education you will receive that will enable you to sit for your state’s CNA exam. You will be required to enroll, possibly pay tuition or fees, attend all classes, attend clinical training, and take a state mandated test that determines if you will advance, or if you need to take the class all over again.


During a CNA certification course, you will use class instruction, text, videos, discussions, and class participations to learn all of the skills you will need to find a job as a CNA. The class will have a teacher, which is known as an instructor, who is usually a RN and has lots of experience in the medical field. The instructor will also be an effective teacher in the classroom.


There will be days when you will watch a video or two, and there will definitely be plenty of days where you will be discussing topics related to health care. You will need to take notes, and to be extra cautious, you may want to highlight certain text passages in your text book for future reference, or to use as study aids before a class test. There will usually be tests and quizzes that the instructor will administer, so study each night to keep on your toes!


CPR Training


You will also have instruction in basic first aid and CPR. CPR may be taught by your instructor, but many places will give students CPR training by an EMT or similar person. The CPR class will take one to two days and is included in your regular CNA certification course schedule. Most likely, you will work with CPR dolls which mimic the human form.


During your CPR training, you will work alone, partnered, and as a group. You will only get through your CNA certification course if you can get through CPR as it is a requirement. You will learn how to perform CPR on persons from babies and children, all the way to adult. You may also get training in AED, but each different CNA certification course may not incorporate AED training in the CPR training.



  1. Can i take the CNA Exam over again if it’s been expired for a few years?

  2. Blanche Apodaca says:

    Where can i take recertification for cna classes?

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