August 20, 2017

What is CNA Average Hourly Pay Kansas?

CNA average hourly pay Kansas is average in comparison to most states in the U.S. The majority of certified nursing assistants work in nursing homes. While nursing homes have a lower pay rate than hospitals, there is room for a pay increase the longer you work there. There are several options in addition to nursing homes and public or private hospitals. Other opportunities include doctors’ offices, schools, and home healthcare agencies. A person with a current certification as a nursing assistant can also work as a self-employed aide, providing care in private homes.


The CNA average hourly pay Kansas will also vary depending on what city you live in. Smaller towns will usually have jobs with lower pay scales, while mid-sized and large cities offer higher-paying jobs. The Kansas City metro area provides some of the highest-paying CNA jobs. Starting hourly rates in the area average between $9 and  $12 per hour. When overtime is involved, the pay changes from $12 to $17 per hour. The types of employers in Kansas with the most opportunities include nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals and home healthcare agencies. Job seekers are likely to find a good position quickly through one of these employers.


The CNA average hourly pay Kansas is more than sufficient for many job seekers. However, certified nursing assistants can pursue other opportunities that will lead to higher-paying jobs. Many CNA’s decide to pursue certification as a Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse. You can usually continue working as a nursing assistant while you’re in nursing school. Others may choose to specialize in specific fields, such as occupational therapy. Many occupational therapy practices hire CNA’s as assistants for their therapy programs. Besides private practices, these types of positions are also available at hospitals with rehabilitation departments, as well as nursing homes.


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