August 18, 2017

What is CNA Average Pay Per Hour NC?

CNA average pay per hour NC can be quite high for certified nursing assistants who are self-employed. This is an option for one who has a current certification and good references. Many CNA’s who work independently may make as much as $20 an hour. One downside to this option is that no health, retirement or vacation benefits are available. Employees of home healthcare agencies normally do receive benefits. However, most offer lower pay that averages around $9 an hour.


The CNA average pay per hour NC is generally $11-$14 an hour in long-term care facilities. This is especially true of nursing homes owned by larger companies. The Raleigh-Durham and Winston-Salem areas tend to offer better pay than many rural areas do. Other areas that may offer higher pay include Asheville, Greenville and Charlotte. Due to laws that allow the transfer of certifications from other states, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia residents can easily consider employment in a North Carolina facility. The transfer process is usually fairly easy as long as the out-of-state certification is current.


Part of what determines the CNA average pay per hour NC is the work performed. A nursing assistant  helps with procedures, collects non-invasive specimens and measures vital signs. Another important part of the job involves helping patients with eating, bathing and dressing, as needed. Sometimes a CNA with more specialized experience will enjoy higher pay. This is common with assistants who are trained as medication aides. Some nursing assistants who work in more specialized areas of hospitals also have a higher salary. Examples of specialized training that can be received include phlebotomy and EKG reading. These functions are commonly performed by CNA’s in many major hospitals.


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