August 16, 2017

What is CNA License?

So, what is a CNA license? Who is a certified nursing assistant? Why do you need a CNA License to practice in nursing home or in a healthcare facility? Well, a certified nursing assistant license is a CNA certification that is given to a student who has successfully completed his/her CNA test through the state nursing board.

The student’s theoretical and practical knowledge is tested by the state nursing board who decides on whether the candidate is competent enough to provide routine nursing care to patients. A CNA can find work in health care facilities like nursing homes, hospitals, day care homes and other related areas.

Of late in the United States there is lot of demand for CNAs. Individuals who have a valid nursing assistant certification can enter healthcare settings as an entry level position.

Given below are certain procedures that have to be done for a student or CNA aspirant to earn their CNA certification.

It includes the completion of a CNA training program and clearing the CNA exam. When you complete the above mentioned procedures you are given the CNA certification and your name is listed on state nurse aide registry. The CNA certification allows you to work legally in health care settings in your state from where you have done your CNA certification.

CNA Training Program: You have to complete your CNA training program successfully to earn a CNA license. For that you must enroll yourself in an accredited CNA certification college or institute. CNA certification programs are usually offered in vocational colleges, community colleges, and even in institutes.

As per federal laws a student is required to have at least 80 hours of classroom and clinical experience. The CNA certification course usually lasts for 4-6 weeks. A student will have to learn on various topics that include the basic nursing care, personal care, how to communicate with patients, human anatomy, infection control, what to do during emergencies, CPR, and other related skills.

One a student successfully completes the CNA certification program he/she is eligible to attend the state certification test or CNA licensing exam.

CNA license exam: The CNA license exam is conducted by the state board of nursing. In many cases contracted testing agencies like Ivy Tech Community College or the Pearson Vue conduct the CNA license test. The CNA license test consists of two parts. The first part is the theory part and second part is the practical.

Successful candidates are awarded with a CNA license and get listed on their state Nurse Aide Registry. Hope your question, what is a CNA license was answered in the above article.

Once you are awarded with a CNA license, remember to have fun in your work.

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