August 20, 2017

What Is the Best Plan for Taking the CNA examination?

The CNA examination is a culmination of lots of hard work. What is the best way to prepare the CNA examination? Let’s look at where you have been. Hopefully you have a state accredited course for CNA. Your training was vigorous with a lot of studying, and you spent about 75 total dedicated to this course of study. You averaged about 24 hours of on the job training in a clinic setting and sat through about 51 hours of class time.

You have an investment and you want to reach that goal of taking the exam and passing. First of all, if you have not secured the proper documentation to fill out the exam application, then take the path to search for the application from the State Board of Nursing or check with your network of CNA student’s, or where you took the class.

Fill out the paperwork, submit the testing fee and mail back. While you are waiting for your testing date and location, keep looking at your notes and practicing the skills that will part of the exam. Locate study guides and answer keys for your state CNA exam. You can find these on the Internet. Make use of the time. Some people find taking tests very hard but you can prepare well and this will help your anxiety.

When your CNA examination testing notice appears in the mail, make plans to go into warrior battle and finish preparing. Practice the skills like taking blood pressures, temperatures, making of beds with people in or out of them, pulse taking, and anything else you can enroll your family members or friends to help with.

The night before the test, get a good nights rest. Allow an extra hour or two of bedtime as you may take a while to settle down. Get up allowing a good window for traffic to get to the testing site. Eat breakfast. You will need it.

Each state exam is different but for the most part, you will have about a minimum of 100 multiple-choice questions that will be timed between one to two hours. When completed, turn your test upside down and do not get up. Your test proctor is in charge and you don’t want to break any rules that will discount this testing date.

The next section will be practical skills. You will be given those skills on a paper. Remember the importance of communication between you and the patient. You’re almost at the end of your CNA examination. You go and pass it! Hurray!!!

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