August 22, 2017

What is the CNA Certification Age in NC?

There is so much disparity between state requirements for CNA training programs; you must always check the State where you intend to take your training. The minimum CNA Certification Age in NC is eighteen. The State of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services sets these requirements.

Because of the perpetual need of quality CNA’s in the State of NC, they make the training available and do give you a lot of help if you contact them or even the Red Cross of NC. The “Home Study Program” is an example of how convenient it is to train for the CNA level 1 exam. It gives you the opportunity to self pace your education and you will be given the textbook, workbook, NC skills guidebook, application for the State CNA exam, and practice final exam including answer key and a skills DVD. North Carolina helps you get that CNA certification.

As eighteen is the minimum age CNA Certification Age in NC, makes it convenient to start training out of high school. With the home study program, you can complete that and pay an additional fee to study the “Skills Only” class that will give you the opportunity to apply your home study program and familiarize yourself with the 24 skills that will be on the state competency exam.

On an intellectual level, this is the time you need to start the career course of our choice. Nursing is one of the best fields you can jump into. Look for your options in local community colleges, on line study courses, training at a nursing home or elder care facility, or take a home study program. Just remember, the course MUST be accredited by the State of NC so you can take your certification exam and not have wasted time or money.

CNA Certification Age in NC of eighteen is relatively the norm across the United States. Be part of a health care team in an entry-level position that you can build on and go to the next level. The profession is growing and you can make a significant impact in health care.

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