August 20, 2017

What Is The CNA Certification Number?

What Is This Number?


Your CNA certification number is the number that will be issued to you, by your respective state, after you successfully complete CNA training and pass the state exam. This number will be different for each and ever CNA in the world. It will be listed on your registry as a means of proper identification for you.


Your state will ensure that each CNA certification number is unique and valid.  After you are finished with your CNA training, this number will be listed on your state’s CNA registry along with your name and other information pertaining to you and your CNA status. This number can be found online.


Looking For The Number


You can begin searching for your CNA certification number by using a computer with internet access. Each state in America has a CNA registry for CNA 1 and CNA 2 members. Those who have completed the CNA classes are known as CNA 1 graduates. Those who have journeyed a little farther in CNA 2 training are known as CNA2 graduates. The CNA certification number really has nothing to do with the title, but the individual holding the title.


Whenever you are ready to look up your CNA certification number online, you will need to type in “CNA registry______( and your state name )”. This search method should bring you to your state’s CNA registry listing. You will enter your name and Social Security Number, then, you will see your CNA certification number, your CNA status, and whether, or not, you have any issues against you, like past resident abuse.


What Is Known About You


Along with your CNA certification number, as stated above, a potential, or current employer, can see your CNA “track record”. The employer will see how long you have been registered as a CNA in your state and if you have any “skeletons in your CNA closet”. If you have ever neglected, abused, or mistreated a patient under your care, you can be certain that it will show up on your record at the registry. It’s best to inform the employer if there are any blemishes on your record before he or she pulls up your CNA certification number and status.



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    How long after CNA testing does it take for your name to appear on the registry?

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