August 22, 2017

What It Takes To Be A Certified Nurses Aide In Texas

There are more than a hundred thousand of active CNAs currently living and working in the state of Texas. But before you can even be part of this community of certified nurses aide in Texas, it is important that you meet and pass all the requirements first like the completion of training program along with passing the examinations for licensure.

When you check out programs for certified nurses aide in Texas, you would discover that each includes the discussion of basic principle on nursing, learning about the rights of the patients, safety measures on the job, and other terminologies on the medical side of things. On an average, you would go through at least 50 hours of classroom sessions and about 24 hours for hands on clinical training. You will not just learn about defining the most basic medical terminologies you may be needing but also other skills like bed making, bathing the patients, preparing them for medical exams, and a lot more.

Some who cater such programs for certified nurses aide in Texas also discuss the rules and regulations for the CNAs in the state and how you can be an effective communicator and colleague at the workplace. Examples of reliable institutions that you can inquire about this program include the Laredo Community College, Texas State Technical College, South Plains College, Frank Phillips College, and The Ware Living Center. You can also find lots of health care facilities that offer free training programs and would just ask for your free service to their facility in return when you get to be a formal CNA.

The average salary of the successful certified nurses aide in Texas would have to fall within the range of $19,000 to about $24,000. This can surely still change and grow bigger according to the range of your employment background and each time you would show greater development in your work performance. If you will ever get the chance to work in the larger cities, then you can potentially earn more even at an average rate. The CNA profession continues to pose a great demand of openings for those who are in the lookout for a decent job in the medical field.

  • South Plains College, 3201 Ave Q., Lubbock, 806 747 0576
  • Frank Phillips College, 1301 Roosevelt Street, Borger, 806 457 4200
  • Ware Living Center, 400 West 14th St., Amarillo, 806 337 4000
  • Laredo Community College, West End Washington St., Laredo, 956 721 5394
  • Texas State Technical College, 1902 N. Loop, Harlingen, 956 364 4000

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