August 22, 2017

What to Expect from the CNA UCM Program

CNA UCM training is offered at the University of Central Missouri campus at Warrensburg. Any applicants to the program must be 18 years of age or older at the time of enrollment. Exceptions are made for high school students in an occupational program. College degrees are not required to enter the program. A background check will be required to ensure students can become licensed. A TB test that turns out negative will need to be taken. As an alternative to the TB test, students can have a chest X-ray to ensure that tuberculosis isn’t present.

The program provides students with plenty of instruction. The CNA UCM training includes both hands-on and classroom learning experiences. The classroom instruction covers 75 hours of classroom time. Students will have access to the texts that they need and be able to complete relevant assignments. 100 hours of hands-on training are provided for in the program. This portion of the training allows students to interact with patients and provide care in a realistic setting. After the training is completely, students will have the knowledge needed to assist other nurses and perform some minor procedures.

After completing training for CNA UCM, most aides will go to work in nursing homes or related facilities. Before a nurse assistant can work in a healthcare facility, an exam must be passed. If you don’t take the exam during the same time you’re taking classes, you have six months to take the exam without having to re-take the entire course. The exam can be taken at your local community college’s testing center. If you’re already employed, the workplace may be able to administer the exam.

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