August 18, 2017

What to Expect from the Nursing Assistant Certification Quiz

Before you take the nursing assistant certification quiz, it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve studied all the material thoroughly. Review any notes taken during classes in conjunction with re-reading the material in your text. You’ll want to make sure you didn’t miss any crucial information. If any of your textbooks have self-check questions, it doesn’t hurt to take these to test your understanding. You may also want to consider using a test preparation book if you think it will be beneficial.


In most cases, you’ll start your application for a CNA license at the same time for register for a nursing assistant certification quiz. The exam usually has an equal focus on physical care, the psychosocial aspect of patient care and the various administrative roles that a CNA may have. In addition to providing proper care, a nurse’s aide also has to have good interpersonal skills. A nursing assistant may have to help patients dealing with grief at the loss of a spouse, dementia or frustration over not being to manage day-to-day care. In addition to patient issues, a CNA may have to help family members who have concerns about their loved one or their care plan. It’s important for a student to have a good understanding of their new job.


The questions on the nursing assistant certification quiz are written in a multiple-choice format. You will have to pick the answer that is the best one available. Most quizzes have 50 to 70 questions, with three or four answer choices. After your exam is completed, the results will be sent to your state nursing board. If your finished with a passing score, your application will be approved. Your new license will be good for one or two years.


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