August 18, 2017

What to Know for CNA Certification Massachusetts

The Northeast Corridor, which includes Massachusetts, is a highly coveted area to live and to work. The medical facilities are numerous and related jobs are in demand. CNA Certification Massachusetts is what you will need for an entry level nursing position. So what is involved in taking this first important step to an exciting career?

The governing body for the nursing profession is the Office of Health and Human Services. You must take a training course that is approved by them. It is extremely important to make sure prior to our training start that it is approved or you will not be able to take your certification examination.

CNA courses can be found at local community colleges, teaching universities, training centers, private colleges, and the Red Cross. You will not lack for training choices. CNA’s are entry-level into the exciting careers of nursing.

Your investment of time in training will be very productive if you commit to take time to study and review daily. In Massachusetts the minimum hours of coursework is seventy-five hours and your clinical training is one hundred hours. You may also fine an approved online course if you are busy with family or work full time. You may also be able to train for free at an Assisted Living or nursing home. You will find many options for training so choose carefully as it is an important first step.

Your training for CNA Certification Massachusetts will be exciting and a challenge. Coursework will include patient rights, infection control, interaction with patients, patient care as in bathing and dressing, learning how to take blood-pressures, pulse, anatomy, medical terminology and additional varied subjects to prepare you for your examination in coursework and clinical practices.

Massachusetts has a licensure policy that demonstrates ‘reliable evidence of good conduct.” This policy includes a background check to determine criminal conduct. Included in the required documents is a current resume, reference by your nursing program instructor, an employment supervisor reference, and other documentation. You do not have to have a GED or high school diploma.

Finally, other documents necessary as a prerequisite to CNA Certification Massachusetts, are fingerprints, a tuberculosis test, immunization documentation and government issued photo identification. Apply for your test and complete your test. With all of your hard work, you will pass your examination and be placed in the Massachusetts State Nursing Registry!

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