August 22, 2017

What You Learn With Arizona CNA Certification

Learning Never Stops


When you make the decision to get your Arizona CNA certification, you will begin a journey into learning that never stops. There are so many things a CNA must know, then there are the new and emerging things a CNA must learn. It can be a lot to take in, but as long as you are open, willing, and determined, you will be a CNA in no time.


Where Does Learning Take Place?


Learning the ropes can take place at a number of places, and in a number of ways. For your Arizona CNA certification, you may enroll at a community college, Red Cross Facility, hospital training facility, or through an employer. There are usually classes you have to pay for, but sometimes, there may be free CNA classes offered to a limited number of students.


Depending on where you go for classes, there are usually day, evening, and weekend classes that you can sign-up for. Most, but definitely not all places, will offer these types of flexible times, so be sure to check with your chosen facility. Make sure you select class times that will fit smoothly into your schedule. Most Arizona CNA certification classes won’t tolerate more than one absence from class or clinical.


There are also private classes you can enroll in to get your Arizona CNA certification. The private classes will generally cost more than classes offered at other places, like community colleges, but to each person, cost may or may not be an issue. If you prefer a private facility, make sure you get a list of all fees you will be responsible for.


Covered Topics


The topics that will be covered are aging, death, dying, hygiene, lifting techniques, safety, and diseases and conditions. You will also learn all about the rules, laws, and regulations that CNA’s must follow at all times. There will also be information you will cover about bathing, shaving, handling sticky situations, and dealing with a confused patient.


If you want to pass your course, you have to try hard. This is not a career that allows for a little “slack”. It will take giving it all you have got. If you set yourself into a mental frame of mind in which you tell yourself, “I can do this”, you should have an Arizona CNA certification listing with your state CNA registry very, very soon.



  1. roosevelt jennings says:

    How much do cnas make in arizona?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Usually, the average is $16 per hour in AZ. Howeever, this can range from $22000-$26000 annually. With continuous education, you can expect better salaries.

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