August 20, 2017

What You Need To Prepare For The Exam For Certified Nursing Assistant

So, you’re finished with all your nursing assistant courses. Now, what? The next step, and probably the most climactic part before becoming a certified nursing assistant, is for you to take the CNA exam. While this can sound a little too intimidating, with enough preparation and hard work, you can surely survive and pass the exam for certified nursing assistant with flying colors.

One way of preparing for the exam is to get yourself study guides and online practice tests. You have to remember that the exam for certified nursing assistant is a turning point in your career so this should be taken seriously. Generally, the exam for certified nursing assistant is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical applications. The theoretical part is typically devoted to your understanding of the various concepts in nursing. Your old textbooks and notes should definitely be of help once you undertake this part. Since this comes in written form, the theoretical part should give you no sweat at all.

Meanwhile, the practical or clinical application asks you to perform 3-5 nursing assistant skills while under the scrutiny of a legit medical observer. This part of the exam for certified nursing assistant comprises a huge bulk of the entire test. It is usually the most terrifying part for the exam takers since having someone watch you while you’re “on stage” can be a little uncomfortable. You just have to remember the basic hands-on techniques such as changing bed linens, grooming the patient, taking temperature and blood pressure, and re-positioning the patient. Aside from this, you also need to know other valuable nursing doctrines such as the patient’s privacy rights, proper handling of materials and equipment, sanitation, and work ethics.

It is also advisable to take online practice tests to make you 100% ready for the real deal. There are numerous online sites that will help you surpass the exam for certified nursing assistant and while they may ask you to shell out some bucks, many of them come in good packages as well. The Nursing Assistant Message Board, for example, is a very convenient online site where would-be examinees can virtually meet each other and exchange tips and sentiments. Pearson VUE, on the other hand, categorizes the exam for certified nursing assistant based on which state the examinee is coming from. Using a drop-down menu button, you can easily locate your place and get a preview of the exam specific for your region. If you want handy materials that you can take anytime anywhere, then NNAAP Nurse Aide Practice Written Exam Packet is what you’re looking for. This practice test comes as 13-page PDF file with answer keys for your written test. You can browse the internet for more details on how to avail these packages.

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