August 23, 2017

Where Can I Get My CNA License

CNAs or certified nursing assistants have been a boon to the healthcare industry. The healthcare sector was previously struggling to provide excellent healthcare for patients, especially during their recovery. But, that is not the case anymore as certified nursing assistants are giving the much needed basic patient care, which is vital for any patient to completely recover from his or her illness.

If you are from the state of Louisiana and want to become a CNA, then this is the article for you. You needn’t anymore ponder on where can i get my CNA license. Of course you need to beware of the fact that different states have different rules and laws for you to get your CNA license.

You will have to beware of the rules and regulations before joining a CNA certification course. The Louisiana Department of Health is mainly responsible for issuing licenses to certified nursing assistants or those who are planning to take up this job after few years. It is crucial that you are aware of requirements in the state of Louisiana.

Usually a CNA has to work for eight hours in a healthcare facility during the two year period after which he or she has to renew the CNA license.

Given below are the requirements on how to get your CNA license in the state of Louisiana.

Certified CNA program: According to state laws, you will have to complete a minimum of at least 40 hours of classroom training and 40 hours of clinical training in a hospital setting. Students must also participate in an orientation program other than the 80 hours of training period. To clear the CNA exam, the student must score a minimum percentage of 70 percent or higher.

Competency evaluation: The competency evaluation is usually done within 30 days of your training program getting over. Usually you will be given three chances to complete your evaluation successfully.

Register with the Louisiana Department of Health: Once you complete your CNA competency program successfully, you will be required to make sure that your name along with the CNA license number appears on the directory of Louisiana CNAs. You will have to register with the Louisiana department of health and hospitals.

Renew and update your certification: Your CNA certification is valid only for two years which means that you will have to renew your CNA certification with the Louisiana department of health and hospitals before it expires.

CNAs can find employment in different kinds of healthcare settings like day care homes, private patients who need basic medical care, foster homes, and others. This is a very high paying job and with the current economical situation, there is no better job that can give your complete job satisfaction.

Hope the question, where can i get my CNA license has been answered in the above article.


  1. Where can i get my cna certification?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Contact your local community colleges. That should give you a head start with the training providers and other details. Even the state nurse aide registry would have all information that pertains to your state

  2. How to get a cna license?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      To get a license, you might have to undergo CNA training classes and then take up a CNa exam which is conducted by the nurse aide registry of your state.

  3. Need answers to how i can get my certification number for my cna lisence?

  4. Leo gernale says:

    I’ve got my CNA on line 2 yrs. ago? But I did not take a test yet. My question is how can I get a test? And how do I pay for it.

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Becoming a CNA includes receiving the certification by taking a test. The best thing in your case would be to contact the local CNA registry office. They would be able to give the application that you need to apply for certification. this might be associated with a small fee.

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