August 16, 2017

Where to Go for Certified Nurse Aide Texas Online Classes

Certified Nurse Aide Texas Online Classes is a great way to educate you for a new career or a cross over to the CNA field. Each state has their own CNA requirements for certification, so you want to make sure your online course meets the criteria.

Just because you live in Texas does not necessarily mean you need to fine an online course originating in Texas. Many courses that you take via the Internet and your convenience do meet state objectives. Virginia College is a good example. You can take your classes on line and then your clinical training will be at a location in Texas.

It is a good idea to remember NATCEP, which stands for Nurses Aide training and competency evaluation programs. The Texas Department of Aging designs and approves the courses for Texas. No High School diploma is necessary to become a CNA in Texas, however, you must take a course that has been approved the Texas Department of Aging and it is a good idea to get your GED while you are taking your training.

American Intercontinental University is another option for a blended Certified Nurse Aide Texas Online Classes in Texas. They have a scenario-based Virtual campus and then you take your practicals at a location assigned to you. It really is a convenient way to study when you can manage your course at your convenience.

El Paso Community College’s School of Education has an online program for CNA. The course is seven weeks along with the last three weeks, the student’s shift to a clinical setting. Students have a well rounded on line program and it is worth considering if you live near El Paso.

Kaplan University has been around for many years and have an excellent course of study accredited by the Texas Department of Aging for Certified Nurse Aid Texas Online Classes. You can also start a course of study to add on and move yourself up the chain. Remember, online courses do include time devoted to clinical training at a location they have arranged for you to attend.


  1. Steven Gauss says:

    Kaplan and Virgina College DO NOT offer these courses online. Get your facts straight people and thanks for wasting my time

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