August 22, 2017

Where To Possibly Take The Certified Nursing Assistant License Testing In Texas

If you reside in the state of the popular Lone Star and you are an aspiring CNA, then you may have to start researching about the certified nursing assistant license testing in Texas that you can find especially when you start online. Being a CNA is no easy task even if it is in its peak right now when it comes to job demands. Your biggest responsibility is learning how to take care of the patients in your best efforts possible. Many of your tasks can include feeding and bathing patients staying in the hospitals or in various nursing homes.

But before you even become a professional in this field, you would need to have gone through comprehensive training along with passing a certified nursing assistant license testing in Texas. One of the many options you can consider would be the course offered in Frank Phillips College. Their CNA programs and licensure tests have accreditation from the Department of Aging and Disabilities Services in the state.

The certified nursing assistant license testing in Texas may vary a bit from the other ones conducted in other states in the country. But in Texas, it is usually separated in two: written and skills. The exam questions are set in multiple choices just to test the amount of knowledge you were able to grasp about the subjects you have studied during the classes of your CNA program. On the second part of it, your practical skills will be tested which would tasked you to perform about five techniques that you would deem very beneficial once you get the position in the future.

Another reliable area for certified nursing assistant license testing in Texas would be the Arbors Nurse Aide Training Program. The usual requirements for you to be eligible to enroll or such exam would be to meet a specific passion GED or grades from your CNA program. Once you are done with all the steps that you should take, you would have to wait up until 1 to 1 and a half months before you can finally get your license. To make it active all the time, you must just update that you are employed as a CNA every two years.

Frank Phillips College CNA Program at Handsford Manor, 1301 Roosevelt Street, 806 457 4200
South Plains College, 3201 Ave, Q, 806 747 0576
Arbors Nurse Aide Training Program, 1910 Medi Park Dr., 806 457 4700
Ware Living Center, 400 West 14th St., 806 337 4000
Twin Oaks Manor CNA Program, 112 Pioneer, 806 658 9786

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