August 22, 2017

Why Is It Necessary To Renew CNA Certification?

Out Of The CNA Loop


If you have been out of work as a CNA for a while, but are now looking to be employed as a CNA again, or just want to keep your valid certification on the CNA registry, you will need to renew CNA certification as soon as possible. You can check to see if you are still listed as a CNA on your particular state’s CNA registry online. You will need your Social Security Number to access this information.


Usually, after approximately one to two years of unemployment as a CNA, your certification will expire. Your CPR and, or, AED may still be valid, but you should check expiration dates on those as well. If you go online and check your state’s CNA registry, and do not see your name, or get a message that the CNA is not listed, your certification is dead.


Don’t get discouraged easily and think that all of your hard work and training, not to mention costs of training, have gone down the drain. This system just ensures that CNA’s are current on the trending health care needs of patients and that CNA’s can deliver the best care methods possible. You can renew CNA certification, you just need to look into what all you need to do to accomplish it.


Time Constraints A Problem?


Not so much as time in general, but time spent working under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. Most states will require CNA’s to rack up at least eight, or maybe more, hours of work under an RN to keep certification valid. If for some reason you have not worked for at least the minimal amount of hours your state requires, your CNA certification will likely expire.


Look into what your specific state’s CNA hours of employment are. If you find that you are below, you will have to renew CNA certification. If you have just begun work, and have received a letter from your state’s Human Resources Department regarding your certification, you can usually give that letter to your employer and an RN will sign off that you are working under RN supervision ( they usually won’t sign until you actually have worked the required number of hours ).


If your certification is way out of date, you would usually have to be out of work for a year or so, you may have to take a CNA refresher course. This course is just a brush-up of all you learned during training, and usually, only requires you to be in attendance for a couple of days. After the refresher course, the need to renew CNA certification will disappear, and you will be all set!



  1. How do u renew cna license?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Renewal can be done by filling the pertinent application form and sending the filled in form to the local nurse aide registry. This is free or you might have to pay a small fee and this entirely depends on the state where you live in

  2. Owen Bush says:

    How to renew your cna license after it expires and unemployed?

  3. I MOVED AND NEVER RECIEVED MY RENEWED LIC. IVE CALLED IN JANUAry of 2012 and febuary 212 and march never recieved my renewal form or my licenses,. i have a job waiting for my lic. information

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