August 23, 2017

You Can Achieve CNA Certification in AZ Without a GED

Certified Nursing Assistant careers are booming and areas like Arizona is projecting a shortage because so many people retire to AZ.  It is a great option to consider, as you will have numerous opportunities for employment. Can you achieve CNA Certification in AZ Without a GED? Yes you can.

The first order of business is to locate a person who can direct you to this education such as a career counselor.  They are in every technical school, community college. State training centers, and adult education centers.  Search out these facilities and find a counselor who will give you the information. It is suggested you make an appointment so you can be sure you don’t waste your time waiting.


Your counselor may direct you if you are not graduated high school to start the program and then work on your GED. It is important to finish your GED as the resume you assemble will be improved and you can be open to broader opportunities.  So it is possible to attain CNA Certification in AZ Without a GED.

The counselor will also help you find accredited CNA programs, help you with grant applications if your income prevents you from paying for the course now, or you can also look into long term care facilities that will pay for your training if you agree to work for them for a certain amount of time and you can take your GED courses in the evening.  You have lots of options to explore.


The Arizona State Board of Nursing is the agency that oversees CNA curriculums and works with D&S Technologies, an outsourced vendor who administers the CNA nurse competency examination.  Download their Candidate Handbook from their website along with the necessary forms.


Devote time and energy to your program. Review, study, practice and apply yourself to your education.  The course will run about 120 hours, which includes classroom and clinical practices.  You can achieve CNA Certification in AZ Without a GED but work on this so you have a GED also.  It will open up more doors when it comes to looking for a job.  The Candidate Handbook for CNA students in AZ will outline the testing modules so be familiar with them and prepare yourself to pass both written and skills sections on the first pass.



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